Consumer research

Take part in research that changes the world by sharing your thoughts on products and services.

Our consumer research projects give you the opportunity to have your say and make your opinion count. Companies and brands are keen to make sure their products and services are always improving, and they need your help.
Consumer research includes a very wide range of products and services. Here are just a few:Mobile phones, Toiletries, Groceries, Financial services, Confectionery, Sporting Associations, Gaming

Here’s how it works:

  1. The companies that provide these products and services want to know what you think.
  2. They pay us to ask you for your feedback.
  3. We have a conversation about it with you.
  4. We pay you for telling us your thoughts!

Different ways to take part:

  • Group discussions
  • Face to face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Online focus groups
  • Hall tests
  • Assisted shops
  • Trade focus groups

All we ask is that you tell us a bit about yourself and answer some questions about your experiences with the products or services we’re researching. With experienced research facilitators making sure that privacy and anonymity is respected at all times, you can relax and speak your mind.

Take Part in Research members have fun sharing their opinions and like a good chat. Our members generally get paid between £40 and £250 for taking part in consumer research sessions.
If you’re over 16 and you live in the UK then you can take part in consumer research too! Sign up today and we’ll contact you when a suitable project comes up in your area.

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