Ways to get

Register, participate, earn

Companies pay participants for taking part in focus groups, one-on-one interviews, usability studies and online projects. Sessions take place at hotels or market research facilities, in your own home, over the phone, or online. All of our market research projects are commissioned by companies and organizations that truly care what you think.

Group discussions

Paid focus groups and discussions are a great way to find out what people think and how they choose products and services.

Face-to-face interviews

A chance to have real conversations about the products and services you use. In a face-to-face interview, you really get to speak your mind.

Telephone interivews

We know it’s not always convenient to attend a group discussion or meeting, if you’d prefer to take part in research over the phone from the comfort of home or while you’re out and about, we totally understand.

Online surveys

Our online surveys allow you to regularly give your opinion on a range of subjects. In just a few minutes, you can earn extra cash and shape the future of new products and services.

Online focus groups

Online market research can be more than just filling forms and ticking boxes! Our paid online focus groups give you a chance to speak freely instead of being limited by a form. Plus you’ll get decent compensation for your time and valuable feedback.

Product tests

In a hall test we invite you to test a product and share your opinions at an agreed place and time. It might mean trying sample products and/or giving feedback on packaging or advertising.

Assisted shops

Market research isn’t all talk! On an assisted shopping project you get paid for letting us join you on a shopping trip. We’ve found this an excellent way to help companies understand how you make purchase decisions.

Trade discussions

Not all market research is about consumer goods – we’re also looking for tradespeople to take part in specialized research that your average Joe can’t help with! Companies and organizations would love to know what you think.

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