Local Authorities research

Take part in research that directly affects your local area.

Getting involved in local authority research means that you get to share your opinions and really make a difference in your community. Local authorities and local health authorities need your feedback and ideas about how to improve the way things work where you live.

Local authority research conversations are a fun and friendly experience that gives you the chance to improve your community as well as earn some money for your time. We just ask you to chat with us and tell us your experiences, feelings or ideas related to your local authority or health authority. Your privacy and anonymity is respected at all times.

How It Works

Local authorities and local health authorities can ask us to find out what you think in several different ways:

  • Group discussions
  • Face to face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Online focus groups
  • Hall tests
  • Assisted shops
  • Trade focus groups

It’s up to you which projects you want to get involved in. There are 4 stages to the process:

  1. Your local authority or health authority wants to know what local people think.
  2. They authorise us to find out your opinions.
  3. You discuss your thoughts on the topic with us.
  4. We pay you for giving us a piece of your mind!

If you love sharing ideas and interesting thoughts, you could be a Take Part in Research member and be rewarded for your opinions about your local authority. Members typically get a cash incentive of between £40 and £250 for joining in with a local authority research session.

This is your chance to take part in research that directly benefits your community. If you’re aged 16 or over and you’re a UK resident, sign up today and we’ll contact you when projects are being organised in your local authority or local health authority.

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