Medical research

Take part in research and change the future of medicine by sharing your experiences.

Not all medical research happens in a clinic! Make your opinion count by taking part in research conversations on medical issues that matter to you, either at one of our comfortable venues or from home.

Market research on medical issues is vital to shape the way medical services and treatments are planned and delivered in the future. Take Part in Research projects give you the opportunity to have your say. We organise medical research projects with two special types of people:

  • Medical staff – pharmacists, doctors, opticians, and others
  • Patients with a medical condition

Ways to take part in medical research:

  • Group discussions
  • Face to face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Online focus groups
  • Hall tests
  • Assisted shops

Medical companies and organisations are very interested to hear about your experiences and opinions. That’s they pay us to organise these research conversations! Then we pay you for taking part. You’ll generally receive between £40 and £250 for each session you take part in.

You can apply to join in with projects in your area on medical issues that are relevant to you.  We’ll ask about yourself and some simple questions about your experiences with the medical issues we’re researching. Your privacy and anonymity is important to us and is respected at all times.

Sign up today and we’ll contact you when a suitable medical research project comes up in your area!

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