Telephone Interviews

Take part in research with a simple, informal phone conversation.

Not everyone can make it to our group discussions and larger meetings of research participants. If you’d prefer to take part in research by telephone from your own home or when you’re out and about, we completely understand!

Interviews conducted over the phone are arranged to be as convenient for you as possible. A phone chat is an entertaining way to take part in research, and can be highly informative both for you and for the researchers. You’ll be given plenty of time to really get into the conversation and tell us what you think about the products or services you use.

What Happens in a Telephone Interview?

  • A friendly research facilitator will give you a call at a prearranged time and date.
  • We’ll ask you some questions about yourself and your opinions.
  • Your research facilitator will listen to you carefully and make notes of your answers.
  • Telephone interviews usually last about an hour.
  • You’ll generally receive an incentive of £40 to £250 per interview.
  • Some telephone interviews may be recorded.
  • Your privacy and anonymity is respected at all times.

You can choose to only take part in research with telephone interviews if that’s what you prefer, or consider some other options such as group discussions or face-to-face interviews as well. There are lots of different project options available on a wide range of research topics!

Any UK resident aged 16 or older can become a Take Part in Research member. You’ll be paid for taking the time to share your opinions with our research facilitators, and have a fun conversation in the process! Sign up today and we’ll let you know as soon as a suitable project is being planned.

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