The Big Misunderstanding About Market Research

datePosted on 15 August 2012


It’s something I hear all the time. “Oh, market research. That’s where you fill in those forms online for 50p a go, isn’t it? Do you really make money doing that?”

People are often surprised when I tell them about the different research options Take Part in Research offers, or the very generous cash incentives our research participants receive.

Misunderstanding 1: Market Research Doesn’t Pay Well

Truth: Take Part in Research pays generously for your helpful feedback in research sessions.

I’ve tried those online survey companies myself. I earned a £50 payment once but it took me more than 2 years to build up that amount, 50p or £1 at a time! They wouldn’t send you the money you’d earned until it was £50 or more, so lots of people probably gave up before they ever got that far.

At Take Part in Research, we do things differently. The typical reward for taking part in one of our research sessions is between £40 and £250 for each session participant.

That’s right – up to £250 for one research conversation. Not exactly 50p a go, is it? You’d probably be paid more for one session with Take Part in Research than I earned in 2 years of online form-filling!

Misunderstanding 2: Market Research is All About Questionnaires

Truth: Take Part in Research offers many different project options.

There are far more entertaining ways to take part in research than ticking boxes online. Take Part in Research has 7 different options for you to get involved:

Misunderstanding 3: Market Research is Boring

Truth: Take Part in Research gives you access to exciting and novel events.

Some of the fun and exciting things we do here at Take Part in Research include organising private motor exhibitions where prototype vehicles are on show for your feedback, or sending our members out on accompanied shopping trips.

Come and Take Part in Research!

Now that we’ve cleared up those 3 major misunderstandings, we hope you’ll join us for a paid market research session sometime soon! Sign up or log in to find out more and join suitable current projects.

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