Make A Real Difference in 2014 with Take Part in Research

datePosted on 09 January 2014


Take Part in Research is calling on all those who haven’t yet finalised their New Year’s TPE map image resolution to make it their goal to facilitate change and aid future development by taking part in fun and friendly market research projects in 2014. With a brand new year comes a whole range of resolutions and ambitions, and for those who have vowed to make a difference in 2014, Take Part in Research is offering market research projects in many of the UK’s major cities and trade hubs.

The leading recruitment company specialise in sourcing reliable and motivated participants for a multitude of market research projects, where those taking part can earn great cash incentives simply for offering up their honest opinions. Anyone who wishes to have a significant impact on the development of products, services, local policies and trade-specific issues is invited to sign up today and see whether their New Year’s resolution can be achieved by sharing their thoughts and ideas with our specialist team.

Andrew Folkes, of Take Part in Research, says, “We know that New Year is a time for new resolutions, ambitions and grand plans, and we are urging everyone who has resolved to make more of a difference to their community and to the wider world to sign up for market research today. Market research is incredibly useful for business, manufacturers and local authorities, all of whom need honest input on their latest products and services. Those who take part in market research are not only earning themselves a generous incentive bonus, they are helping to shape the course of the future for many businesses and consumers; what New Year’s resolution could be more rewarding?”

With bases in Manchester, Birmingham, London and many of the country’s biggest business hubs and hotspots, Take Part in Research are actively searching for bright, opinionated people who are prepared to give up no more than two hours of their time to offer their thoughts on a product or a service they have tried. Research projects can involve anything from offering verdicts on a new car advert, testing a new beauty product or sharing honest opinions about a new council policy; all are just as valuable as the next, and there are many projects like these that are crying out for willing, friendly and reliable participants.

Every session with Take Part in Research is as informal and friendly as a cup of coffee with a friend. The market research experts understand that opinions are at their most honest and open when participants feel relaxed and at home, so the team at Take Part in Research strive to ensure their market research sessions are informal and fun, with a variety of different types of discussion to prevent it from ever being boring or dull. What’s more, everyone who takes part gets paid generously for their time, with participants earning anywhere up to £250 per session!

As New Year’s resolutions go, taking part in market research is a worthwhile one; it can go a long way to benefitting everyone from local businesspeople to consumers on the street, and with all participants taking home some extra cash, there is no reason not to make this a resolution today.

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