10 Tips to Make the Most of Taking Part in Market Research

datePosted on 16 August 2012


We really want you to have a great time at Take Part in Research sessions. To help make sure that happens, we’ve drawn up our top 10 list of tips to get the most from your experience as a Take Part in Research member:

Top 10 Tips for Members

  1. Keep your Take Part in Research member profile up-to-date. That way, you’ll be invited to join in the most suitable projects.
  2. Read the project descriptions with care so you know all the details.
  3. Apply for the projects that sound the most enjoyable and rewarding to you. We want you to have fun and feel like you’ve been chatting with friends!
  4. Choose the research topics that interest you the most. Take Part in Research organises Consumer Research, Local Authority Research, Business Research, Automotive Research and Medical Research projects.
  5. Choose the most appropriate options for you to take part. There are 7 different options, so consider which ones suit you the best:
  6. Check the date and location of the session you’re invited to. If you can’t attend, just let us know.
  7. If you need to travel to attend the research session, plan your journey in advance and make sure you know where to go.
  8. Arrive early. It helps you to get comfortable in the research venue if you take a few minutes to orient yourself before the session begins.
  9. If you’d rather not have to leave home to take part in research, that’s fine too. You can join in from home with face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews and online focus groups.
  10. Don’t be shy! We know that some people feel a bit nervous about speaking up at first, especially in a group setting. Everyone at a Take Part in Research session is friendly and relaxed, so get comfy and have your say!

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