What’s Your Market Research Style?

datePosted on 27 September 2012


Take part in paid market researchYou’re unique.

Not only are your opinions different from everybody else’s, but your market research style is different, too.

Some people enjoy seeing products and prototypes up close, and testing them out. Others prefer to share their thoughts on advertising, packaging, and other aspects of a product or service. We offer so many different paid market research opportunities, there’s something to suit everyone.

Find Out Your Style

Here’s a quick quiz to help you figure out your market research style. Register with Take Part In Research today and we’ll contact you when a paid market research project that suits you is available.

Question 1: Groups or One-to-One?

Do you love a lively group conversation? Great! We organise plenty of those, and we’d love to have you join us for a chat.

Do you prefer one-to-one discussions? Maybe you’re shy, hard of hearing, or just want plenty of time to get your opinions across. Take Part In Research arranges one-to-one paid market research conversations in person or over the phone.

Question 2: In Person, By Phone, or Online?

We welcome Take Part In Research members to join in with paid market research projects by getting together with our friendly research facilitators in person to discuss your opinions. If you’d prefer to share your thoughts without a face-to-face conversation, we also organise projects involving telephone or online research.

Question 3: Out And About, or At Home?

There are many reasons you may enjoy coming out to a Take Part In Research project at one of our carefully selected venues. It’s a pleasant change of scenery, and in some cases you may be invited to attend an exhibition of prototypes or take part in a shopping session.

If you’d rather share your opinions without leaving home, however, we can arrange interviews at your home, on the phone, or online so that you aren’t left out!

Next Step to Paid Market Research Discussions

Now that you’ve considered your style, what type of market research projects do you think will be best suited to you? Tell us your preferences now, and we’ll be in touch when the next suitable project is planned.

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