How to Change the World With Your Opinions

datePosted on 30 October 2012

You can change the world!

It sounds like a big fat dream, doesn’t it?

“Change the world.” Yeah, right.

But I’m 100 percent serious. Your opinions have more power than you realise.

You already share your thoughts with people every day in conversations at home, out and about, or online. To really make them count, we’d like you to share them with us, too.


We’re your direct line to the people who can change things: manufacturers, designers, advertisers, educators, authorities. And those people want to hear from you.

In fact they’re so keen to get your feedback, they’re happy to pay you for it. Why? Because you’ve got something they can only get from you and nowhere else: your individual point of view. They want to know what you think of the products you use at home or at work; how you choose what to buy and what to leave on the shelf; even whether or not you’re irritated by their latest ad campaign!

How Opinions Change the World

With the information you can give them, these big organisations will know what they can do to make their products and services better for the people like you who use them.

That means better designs, creating products that do exactly what you hoped they would. Better information to help people make the best use of everything from medicines to videogames.

Sharing your opinion could even help to save lives. One recent paid market research project we’ve organised for Cancer Research UK helped make it easier for women to understand health advice about breast cancer.

Get Paid to Share Your Thoughts

The paid market research sessions we help to organise on these organisations’ behalf typically reward you with anything from £40 to £250 for up to 2 hours of your time. And you’ll be proud to know that, as well as earning you an incentive payment, your opinions are going straight to the teams working on making the world a better place.

Tell us a bit about yourself today and we’ll be in touch as soon as a suitable paid market research project comes up!

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