How Do I Get Chosen to Take Part in Paid Market Research?

datePosted on 28 December 2012


Take part in paid market researchYou may be wondering, once you’ve signed up to take part in paid market research, exactly how you get chosen for a project.

Will you be able to take part in research that’s fun, interesting and well-suited to your lifestyle? Yes.

Will you be able to join in with every project that interests you? Probably not, and here’s why:

Your Participant Profile

A market research participant (that’s you!) will have given us a bit of info about yourself when you signed up to Take Part In Research.

We use that information to invite participants who fit the descriptions we’re given by the companies and organisations that hire us to arrange paid research projects. If they only want to talk to men aged 16 to 30, then that’s who we invite!

Complete your profile with as much detail as possible to help you get invited to the projects that suit you the best.

Fresh Opinions

It’s important in market research to make sure that we don’t tire you out!

Taking part in a lot of market research tends to change the way you give your feedback. You might not think it makes much difference, especially if the projects are all on different topics, but it’s been shown time and time again that the best feedback comes from people who haven’t recently taken part in any other market research.

To make sure that your opinions are always fresh, market researchers have developed a guideline that you should only take part in one project every six months or so. If you haven’t been invited to any market research projects recently, this may well be the reason!

Project Location

This one is simple: we’re often asked to arrange a project that requires a venue for face-to-face meetings. It might be a group discussion or a trade focus group, for example. For these projects, only people who can travel to that location will be invited – there’s no point asking you to take part in a London-based project if you live in Newcastle!

Again, make sure that your profile is completed with all your details, including your current address, and keep it up-to-date so that we can invite you to the next suitable project.

If you haven’t registered your information with us yet, sign up now to take part in paid market research!


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