Why ForEx Traders Should Take Part in Paid Business Research

datePosted on 29 January 2013


Why ForEx Traders Should Take Part in Paid Business Research

As a ForEx trader, you spend your working days differently to most people.

To give just one example, your work involves using a specialist selection of services and software applications. That means you have a professional perspective that only those in the business really understand.

There’s someone else who’s very keen to understand you better. Someone who wants to work hard to meet your business needs…

It’s the companies whose products and services you’re using.

Take Part in Research to Influence the Future of Forex

ForEx related businesses desperately need more feedback from traders like you. They want to know what they can do to make your working day better.

Take part in research that helps build better businesses, products and services for ForEx with your professional feedback. By sharing your opinions in a paid market research session, you’ll influence the development of ForEx’s future in the directions that matter to you. You’ll also earn some spare cash for your time!

Take Part in Research organises paid B2B market research projects. If you’re a ForEx trader with your own opinions and you enjoy a good conversation, we’d love to hear from you.

What’s Involved in ForEx Business Research

When you register to take part in paid business research, we’ll ask you to tell us a bit about yourself. Then we’ll invite you to suitable research sessions: this may be a one-to-one interview, group discussion, online focus group or telephone conversation, depending on your preferences and the project’s design.

You’ll get plenty of time to share your opinions on the ForEx companies, products or services we’re researching. We’ll take careful note of your feedback and pass it on to the companies who can use it to make a real difference in the ForEx world. Of course, your privacy and anonymity are respected at all times.

Take Part in Research members typically receive an incentive of £40 to £250 for taking part in a ForEx business research session. Sign up today to be notified when the next suitable project is in the pipeline!

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