British Public Missing Out On £250 per Opinion According To Market Research Firm

datePosted on 09 January 2014


The Great British public could be missing out on as much as £250 per session for sharing their thoughts and opinions according to a top market research firm.Paid market research opportunities

Take Part In Research is encouraging opinionated Brits to get paid to speak their mind after its own study revealed that most of us do not know that such opportunities exist.

A dedicated market research recruitment agency, Take Part in Research puts people in touch with companies and organisations that are developing the products and services of the future. It is designed to get everyday consumers involved in market research and to help businesses and service providers to communicate with their customers. Take Part In Research is part of the Roots Research brand.

Andrew Folkes, Company Director said, “Our mission is to make everyone in the UK aware that there are many kinds of paid market research outside of the usual medical trials which most people will be aware of, which are more rewarding than you may think and more enjoyable than simply filling in a questionnaire. There is a perception that market research is just answering a few questions online or ticking a few boxes but actually, the research conversations are much more enjoyable. We found that many people were unaware that these opportunities existed and that they could earn money from sharing their experiences with manufacturers and retailers.

“What’s surprising is that when we asked our members why they took part, it wasn’t just the money that appealed. Most were actually more passionate about being able to share their insights and help businesses to develop better products moving forwards. Many of our members have told us how much more enjoyable a full research project is compared to a short online survey. And we know that our paid market research projects are a much better way to make some extra cash.”

Those participating in research projects typically receive a payment of between £40 and £250 for their time. In addition to the cash bonus, the thoughts, ideas and experiences shared in a session can shape the next generation of products and services, ranging from a local health authority’s policy decisions to the next hybrid car on the market.

Take Part In Research offers a range of options for those who wish to take part in market research including group discussions, face to face interviews, telephone interviews, online focus groups, hall tests, assisted tests and trade focus groups. It specialises in five types of topics ranging from consumer, business and automotive research to medical and local authority.

The research projects are suitable for anyone over the age of 16, and from any profession or walk of life. Those interested in participating simply register at and complete a brief profile outlining hobbies and interests. Participants are chosen based on their interests for projects well-suited to their lifestyle ensuring the experience is fun.

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