British Motorists Urged to Help Drive Automotive Industry Forwards with Market Research Participation

datePosted on 09 January 2014


British motorists that like to invest in new cars are being called on to use their purchasing experiences to drive the automotive industry forwards. Cars on parking

Top market research firm Take Part in Research is urging those who have purchased a new vehicle in the last three years to consider getting paid to share their opinions with leading car manufacturers and designers. Simply by revealing anecdotal information such as which cars were considered, who was spoken to on the purchase journey and how smoothly the new car purchase went can have a massive impact on future technology and lead to great rewards for the driver.

Andrew Folkes, Company Director said, “We know that many motorists are really enthusiastic and interested in the car they drive and what goes into making that vehicle tick. But most think that their experiences aren’t that significant – the truth is that everyone who has bought a new car in the last couple of years has lots of really valuable insight up their sleeve that they may not even be aware of.

“The opportunity to take part in automotive market research projects means helping to shape future technology and the next generation of automobiles as well as enjoying some fabulous perks along the way. We really want to make car owners aware of these opportunities and the chance to have a real impact on how the next car they purchase is made and sold.”

Automotive research projects are an interesting and exciting opportunity for keen drivers to share their opinions with the experts who design the vehicles on our roads. Participants enjoy a slew of perks, from payments up to £250 per session to exclusive sneak peeks at prototype designs that haven’t yet been released into the public domain. The research can often involve the opportunity to visit iconic motoring locations such as Silverstone – home of the British Grand Prix – or to travel (all expenses paid!) overseas to places such as Brussels, France or Germany to preview and test drive new models.

Take Part in Research’s paid automotive research projects often take the form of a car clinic; a private exhibition exclusive to invited participants. The clinic showcases a number of prototype designs, which participants will view, sit inside, perhaps drive and give honest feedback on including their suggestions for improvements on the build, style, design and affordability amongst other things. Other types of research include group discussions and one to one interviews where researchers will ask questions relating to the purchase process, experiences as a driver and as a car buyer. This insight is critical to shaping the future of British motoring and can have a direct effect on future motoring technologies, vehicle designs and functionality.

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