Market Research Agency Offers People of Manchester Chance to Share Their Views

datePosted on 09 January 2014


A leading market research agency has issued a rallying cry for the people of Manchester Market ResearchManchester to step forward and sign up to take part in a number of worthwhile market research projects that could help shape the development of the future. The market research sessions, run by Take Part In Research, offer great cash rewards and incentives in reward for just a few hours of someone’s time; time which could be spent offering opinions that will help shape the products, services and policies of the future.

Take Part In Research specialises in recruiting reliable and motivated participants for a multitude of market research projects in Manchester, and they are on the lookout for bright, opinionated and honest people from Manchester to give their verdicts on everything from cars to beauty products.

Manchester, with its famed universities, its ever-expanding business district and its hub of local businesses and enterprises, has built up a reputation for being the capital of research; and the informal, welcoming nature of the residents make them perfect candidates for honest interviews and in-depth focus groups as part of a market research project. Take Part In Research are searching for participants who are willing to give up a few hours of their time to offer their opinion on local authority policies, latest new products, computer software, retail experiences and more.

Andrew Folkes, of Take Part in Research, says, “As one of the leading recruitment agencies for market research in the UK, we recruit in Manchester for a variety of reasons. We love the openness of the residents, the honesty and forthright nature of the people who attend our sessions, and we believe that the key to market research is diversity. Manchester offers all of these things in abundance, and we are looking for opinionated, willing participants who can offer us some free time to share their thoughts in return for some excellent cash rewards.”

The market research opportunities at Take Part In Research are all-encompassing, ranging from one-to-one chats to informal focus groups, with the occasional home visit or phone call. The sessions are chatty and friendly as opposed to formal box-ticking and extensive questioning; market research often performs best when participants are relaxed and offering up honest opinions. The vast majority of the sessions take a maximum of two hours, and participants are rewarded with a cash incentive of between £40 and £250 for the effort they have taken to provide their thoughts and ideas.

Whilst some of the market research recruitment agency’s clients may request that participants are of a certain age, background or with a certain hobby, for example, ‘men who shave regularly’ or ‘women under thirty who buy fashion magazines’, anyone who lives in the vicinity of Manchester and can attend a research session can register with Take Part In Research. Market research often offers up the most accurate and detailed results from a varied and diverse compilation of people, so age, gender, background, career or hobbies are no barrier to signing up and offering important opinions that could help to shape the future.

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